A Few Useful Decorating Ideas For Small Bedrooms

Small bedrooms often tend to look crowded and cluttered and that’s because even if you only include the basics, there are still a few main elements that occupy a lot of space such as the bed which is a must. To avoid making the tiny bedroom seem even less spacious than it already is, here are a few ideas to keep on the right track.

Install shelves in the corners.

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A great way to add some storage to a small bedroom without using a lot of floor space is with corner shelves. You can even install a shelving unit next to the bed and it can serve as a nightstand too, thus allowing you to give up an element that would otherwise take up space.

Simplify the nightstands.

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Nightstand are necessary in a bedroom but they don’t have to take up a lot of space. In fact, they don’t have to occupy any floor space at all if you opt for a simply corner shelf which you mount on the wall. Simple, practical and a great problem solver.

Place the bed flush with the wall.

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If you place the bed flush with the wall you can save some floor space and you’ll only need one nightstand. Usually this works if you also want to eliminate the headboard but you can also place the side of the bed against the wall.

Make the most of the room with custom furniture.

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Sometimes when you’re dealing with a difficult layout or a small room, opting for custom furniture can solve some of the issues. The furniture is designed to perfectly fit the room and to respond to your exact needs and preferences and you can usually include a ton of hidden and secret storage spaces in it.

Get a desk instead of a nightstand.

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If you don’t mind bringing your work in the bedroom, you can replace the usual nightstand with a small desk and it will serve both purposes. It can be a tiny desk for one with space for a chair and a single drawer.

Reinvent the space with multifunctional furniture.

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Multifunctional furniture is ideal for small rooms. In a tiny bedroom, for example, the headboard can also include some storage or it can double as a fold-down desk for your laptop. You can come up with your own clever combos.

Free up the room with a Murphy bed.

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Can you imagine how much space there’d be in the room if the bed wasn’t there? You can actually see the difference if you get a Murphy bed instead of a regular one. The bed can disappear into the wall or closet during the day and make room for other things.

Get up and running with a loft bed.

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Loft beds are another genius way of saving space and maximizing the usable area in a small bedroom. It allows you to make room for a cozy seating area or a workstation which would be placed under the bed and the two would remain independent from each other.