Some of the Best Fall Flowers

Jewel tones and muted shades, fall is all about the warm and cozies. But that doesn’t mean the spring and summer trend of fresh flowers need to be left out of your home decor. No matter the season, lively floral arrangements on the side tables, dinner tables and counter tops make for healthier and more vibrant living. Let’s take a quick look at some of the best fall flowers, where to use them and what they mean!

1. Red Mums.

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More like cranberry than an actual red, these warm-shaded mums are the perfect way to light the front door and welcome all of your guests, from family dinners to trick-or-treaters. They look great clustered together in big batches decorating the front porch, sides of the house or even as a large centerpiece for your pumpkin-inspired dinner party. This delightful little flowers means joy, which is the perfect way to kick off the holiday season!

2. Rustic Sunflowers.

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Perfect to decorate any nook or cranny, this happy-meaning flower is one of the best fall decor pieces. Bunched up in vases all over the house, fixed into a beautiful, welcome wreath or adorning the tables in rustic, funky ways, sunflowers have so much versatile inspiration. Of course they look amazing in the wild, vast green fields but once fall hits, it’s time to use them in the house.

3. Orange Roses.

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Roses are a favorite year-round flower. So, when fall comes around and you’re looking for a way to spruce up the house with some autumn-inspired color and comfort, try orange roses. They’re classic and timeless, but this particular color evokes the spirit of the season. And did you know that an orange rose means fascination? It’s a different meaning than most flowers and a great conversation piece as well.

4. Trendy Chrysanthemums.

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These flowers come in a variety of shades, which is great because you can mix and match them according to the room they’ll be dressing. They have a special, unique look and they’re also quite eye-catching with their almost sun-burst like shape. Again, it’s another flower that means optimism and joy, and who doesn’t want to decorate their house with that?

5. Yellow Marigolds.

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Coming in a range of gold to bright orange, marigolds are reminiscent of all the vivacious colors of the fall leaves. They’re light and dainty which make them perfect for adorning the kitchen counters and the breakfast table, in small vases or in big clusters mixed with an arrangement of mums and baby’s breath. They also give off feelings of passion and creativity.

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