Some Inspiring or Inspired Retail Spaces

These days I took my little daughter of one year old to a walk in the mall. She was fascinated by all the spot lights, the moving stairs and a huge wall where water was flowing on it continually. The music and colors and all that space charmed her and made her feel really nice and comfortable. A couple of times she took me inside some retail spaces. I do not think that she was attracted by the interior design, the colors or lights.

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The people who worked there were her attraction. She smiled them, went to them and then she waved them her hand.
One of the things I have noticed is that all these retail spaces seem to become more comfortable and sometimes they tend to look like a real space inside our house: a living room, a bedroom, a hall or a sitting area.

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Today we presents some commercial spaces which have this tendency and seem to combine functionality with modern appeal. Thus there are spaces which look like a living room, with huge paintings on the walls and black and white modern furniture.There are retail spaces which use comfortable sofas and practical tables where you can imagine that you are at a coffee with your best friend in your living room or they seem to create the atmosphere of a sitting area where you can even relax in a lovely swing.

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Those who love vintage and elegant things will definitely become attracted by a commercial space which looks like an elegant, vintage hall, with blue walls and beautiful white door frames and cabinets.

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A round table, some lovely, simple shelves and a crystal chandelier can easily create the ambiance of a warm hall of a house while a mini library and two stylish armchairs with high backs can make you imagine that you are in the middle of a relaxing lecture room.
Some great wood pieces of furniture can easily take you in the middle of a rustic place where nature is one of the most important issues for this kind of décor.All these spaces may inspire your interior design ideas although I guess it is vice versa.{found on decorati}