Inspirational Ideas That Turn The Bedroom Into A Peaceful Heaven

Every room of the house has its own set of rules. The living room has to be inviting, the kitchen has to be practical and the bedroom has to be relaxing and peaceful. These characteristics guide us when we’re designing, decorating or renovating our homes. Today we’re going to review some of the decorating strategies you can employ in the case of the bedroom.

A black and white combo.

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The black and white combination is, in general, a safe choice. Neutral colors look great regardless of the style, type of room or proportions. Black and white put together are a perfect match and this creates a balanced look in the room, which is exactly what this space needs.

Hidden storage.

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Every bedroom needs storage but having it out in the open is not the best idea. Most beds are designed with built-in storage underneath. We use that space to store linens, extra pillows, clothes, etc.

A shabby chic look.

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Give your bedroom a shabby chic look by choosing furniture and furnishings that feature signs of wear and tear or which are distressed to achieve the appearance of an antique. The bedroom gets a refined, classy look that’s also very comfortable.{found on jolenesmithinteriors}.

Mountain cabin bedroom.

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Every time to go on a vacation and stay in a cabin in the mountains you fall in love with how cozy the bedroom feels. Get that look for your bedroom at home. Use large wooden beams on the ceiling, stone on the walls and use organic textures and materials in general. And try to also include a fireplace. It would really complete the room.

Contemporary yet cozy.

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Certain styles make it easy to bring warmth and coziness into a room. But the contemporary style is not on that list. Because of the minimalism and clean lines getting that look is a bit more difficult but definitely not impossible.


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A Mediterranean design features bold color accents and is also defined by texture. The style also tends to be a little more ornate than others and this gives it lots of character. If you decided to adopt the style for your bedroom, look for combinations of white and blue with red and brown accents.

Asian flair.

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An Asian-inspired bedroom décor is calm, serene and relaxing. Creating a zen look has never been easier. Combine paper lanterns, shoji screens and nature-inspired furniture with a warm color palette for a balanced design.

A traditional approach.

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Choose a traditional approach and design your bedroom with a color palette based on neutral and warm tones that doesn’t include bold shades. Traditional interiors are generally not defined by color but by the ornate accent details such as the chandelier, the window treatments or the furniture.{found on lucidinteriors}.

Invite luxury into your bedroom.

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In order to get a luxurious look for your bedroom, try to include colors such as purple and silver and sleek textures such as satin. Decorate with mirrors and pay special attention to the little things.


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In a farmhouse-inspired bedroom you can expect to see either a four poster bed or a metal bed, vintage lighting, wood-paneled walls and a lot of wood in general. Textures and patterns also play an important role.

A tropical oasis.

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A tropical environment is the symbol of peace and relaxation for a lot of people so it’s understandable to want to adopt this style when designing the bedroom. Use tropical plants, lightweight materials, colorful fabrics and create a breezy look in general. Instead of a heavy area rug use woven sea grass mats for example and put a rattan chair in the corner of the room.

Mid-century modern.

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This style is characterized by a natural indoor-outdoor flow, iconic furnishings, graphic patterns and simple and pure forms. Use lighting fixtures that make a statement like that floor lamp in the corner.