Out-of-the-box hanging wall décor ideas

A home can look empty and incomplete if all the walls are bare and lacking any kind of decorations. Wall hangings help define a space, they give it character and they often set the mood. But don’t immediately assume that paintings or framed photos are the way to go. There are lots of other options to choose from as well.

Bedroom carpet above bedView in gallery

For example, how about tapestry? Yes, hanging a carpet on the wall is something grandma used to do but this doesn’t mean you can’t adapt the idea to your own type of décor. Give the bedroom a rustic and cozy feel and it will be a lot more inviting.

Grate option to make string artView in gallery

A great option is to make your own wall art. For example, use rope, yarn or string plus a branch with an interesting shape to make something simple and colorful for one of the walls in the bedroom, reading corner, home office or any other space.

Decoratat the walls with herbsView in gallery

For the kitchen, you can decorate one of the walls with a vertical herb garden. You can use jars and some wood and you can also label each jar so you know what herb you’re growing in it.

Rope wall displayView in gallery

An old, crusty rope could make an interesting piece of wall art. Learn a fancy knot or simply play around with the rope until you get a shape you like. We’re not sure hot exactly it retains its shape but glue might help.

Small living room wall carpet displayView in gallery

Use fabric to make a room feel more inviting and comfortable. You can hang it on the wall using a curtain rod. Find a design, pattern or color that complements the room or something that stands out if you want to create a focal point.{found on kimberlypeck}.

Banner of thanksgiving or christmasView in gallery

And speaking of fabric, you can also use it other ways too such as to make a banner for Thanksgiving or for Christmas. It’s pretty easy to make and it can be as big as you want.

Bronze clambing men statuetView in gallery

To make a statement on the staircase wall, try something funny or bold such as these bronze climbing men statues. They make a great impact and the idea itself is actually simple.

Collections to decorate the wall of entrywayView in gallery

Use collections to decorate the walls in your home. They can include anything from plates to figurines and even something a bit more unusual such as these wind dials.

Classic framed wall art above bedView in gallery

And if you prefer the classic framed wall art, keep in mind that sometimes less is more. In this case the frames are the most interesting detail because of the contrast.{found on laurarobertsdesign}.