Easy Decorating Projects You Can Do In A Day

Ever felt like your home is starting to look dull or boring and you wanted to take care of the problem then and there? If you want a complete makeover then you won’t be able to achieve your goal in a day but if you want something simpler and smaller, then take a look at these ideas. They can be done in a single day

Tray organization for the office.

Tray office organizationView in gallery

Tired of having a messy desk with tons of little things always in the way? Get everything organized and put all your essentials in a tray. This can include things like notes, the stapler, some pens and pencils, tape and other items you use regularly.{found on theeverygirl}.

Frame your kid’s artwork.

Frame kids art work and displayView in gallery

Give your kitchen or home office a customized and personalized look by framing artwork done by your kid(s). Just gather some of their best work, get some frames and display everything on a wall.

Decorate with books.

Decorate with books dont leave the bookshelf cluttyView in gallery

The way you organize and display your books on the bookshelves can also have an impact on the room’s overall look. Vary the heights, colors and sizes of your books and plan an interesting and new display.

Bring nature inside.

Wood trunk and open windows for fresh airView in gallery

Interior plants create a natural forest feelingView in gallery

You can make your home looks fresh and rejuvenated by bringing nature inside. For example, make a lovely zen garden under the staircase, open your house to the outdoors by opening the windows and sliding glass walls and connecting the interior spaces to the patio or garden.

Add some rocks to your bathroom.

Bathroom rocks shower spa feelingView in gallery

This sounds a little weird but take a look at this example to see what we really mean. By including natural elements such as rocks or plants in the bathroom, you give it a spa-like feel.

Make a new table.

Bring nature inside and try to diy a coffee log tableView in gallery

How can you make a table in a day you ask? It’s simple. All you need is a slice of wood to use a top and some hairpin legs to make the base. Very simple and very chic. A perfect addition to the living room.Available on Etsy.

Paint the bar cart.

Paint the bar cartView in gallery

A small cart is very useful. You can turn it into a small mobile bar for example. And when you’re tired of its original look, get some paint and reinvent it. It will look like new.{found on abeautifulmess}.

Place your TV above the fireplace.

Place tv above fireplace questionView in gallery

Doesn’t it feel like the TV has been in the same exact spot ever since your got it? Maybe it’s time for a change. Mount your TV on the wall to free up some space on the wall unit. Hang it above the fireplace to make an elegant combo.

Have fun with some paint.

Have fun with some paint do it yourselfView in gallery

You don’t have to make a mess in the whole room if you decide to paint one of the walls. It can be a quick and clean project. Just remember to get plenty of painter’s tape.

Install dimmer switches.

Brown bedroom decoration dimmer lightsView in gallery

Installing dimmer switches is a simple and quick project and you’ll get to enjoy the results for a long time. We recommend dimmers for the bedroom where the light needs to be subtle and relaxing but where you might also need strong light every once in a while.