A Few Practical Ways Of Incorporating Dustbins Into Your Home Décor

There are certain things that can give you a headache when you’re trying to stylishly incorporate them into your home’s décor. They simply cramp your style because they aren’t meant to look beautiful but to be practical. The dustbins is one of these things. We’re constantly struggling to find ways to make them look good so let’s see a few of the strategies you can use.

A good strategy is to place the dustbin under the kitchen or bathroom sink and to leave it exposed as opposed to hiding it behind closet doors. This way it’s easier to use it without having to constantly open and close the door. And because it’s out there for everyone to see, consider a design that’s aesthetically pleasing such as a rattan basket for example with a protective lining inside.

Another good strategy, only for the kitchen this time, is to have pull-out dustbins/ trash cans. Two of them can fit perfectly in a large pull-out drawer. Place them close to the sink but not directly in front of it.

You can also incorporate a compost drawer with this type of design. It can be placed directly above the pull-out bins.

A different idea can be to store two or more dustbins under the kitchen sink and to have regular cabinet doors for this area. There’s usually plenty of unused space down here so you can include as many as 4 or even 6 smaller bins.

This is also possible with the pull-out system. You can have the furniture custom-made to accommodate the exact type of dustbins you prefer. You can use this design for both the kitchen and the bathroom.

Or, if you want to save a bit of space and still be able to separate your trash properly. You can get four triangle-shaped dust bins and make them all fit in a square pull-out drawer-like system.

And speaking of dust bins, they can also be used for other purposes other than storing trash. For example, label them and use them to store toys under a custom-made bench in the kids’ bedroom or playroom.

You can also use them to organize the toys inside a shelving unit. It’s easier this way than putting all the toys in one big box. The kids will also learn how to organize them and how to clean their room properly.