Fun Ways To Decorate And Organize Your Home With Cubes

Cube furniture or cubbies are excellent for organizing things. They help keep the place clean and they’re very practical. You can find cube furniture in a lot of forms such as wall units, bookcases, individual shelves or modular compositions. Each has its own special charm and can suit a space just right. There are also lots of different ways in which you can use these units so let’s have a look at some examples.

Colorful playroom furniture

This mix of orange and light blue highlights and beautiful geometric pattern of the cube modules. They form a playful wall unit which wraps around the corner on two walls and provides a fun way to display toys in a playroom.

Pink girl room storage

A small cube storage unit is the perfect furniture piece for kids. It’s small and cute enough to be loved by the kids and also very easy to use. Being practical is one of the strongest points of its design and in addition to that the unit is also cheerful thanks to the choice of color for the storage containers.

Turquoise and rattan cube storage

Cube storage units are also useful in spaces such as the laundry room, the home office or transitional areas such as this one. You can use the modules as open shelves for displaying things or you can fill them with storage boxes and containers.

Kids room shelves with cubbies storage

A nice trick is to label the boxes so you can easily identify which items goes where without having to first take out the container and look inside. Use this system to help kids become organized and to make it easier for them to store their toys, clothes and other things.

Storage for kids room in white

Small units like this one are a perfect option for nurseries or playroom. Their strongest point is the fact they’re low and kids can reach them with ease. They can even use the top as a display area for their favorite toys or their own artwork.

Office room cube storage

In a home office, you can use a geometric shelving unit such as this one to keep all your files, documents and other things organized and easy to find when you need them. There’s also enough room for some decorative items that would make space more inviting and pleasant.

Small cube organizer for entryway

Small cube organizers are not only great for kids. They can also be perfect accent pieces for small rooms or for spaces such as the entryway. All you need here is just a small unit in which to keep some basic things or to store your bags. You can even use the unit as a show organizer.

Small cube units for organization

Use two or three of these small units together instead of just one large unit. This way you can better organize things and you’ll have more freedom when moving things around for a more functional layout and décor. This is in fact a very stylish combination of horizontal and vertical cube organizers.

Orange wall paint and vertical storage

Individual cube modules are very fun to decorate with. These one have colored interiors and this makes each one unique. It’s a great way to add a playful and colorful touch to a space while also keeping the décor functional and well-organized.