Solar Eclipse Lamp from Igendesign

People have always been fascinated by natural phenomena. Tsunamis, hurricanes, volcanic eruptions, tornadoes, eclipses are phenomena that have always preoccupied the science men who tried to observe it and give it an explanation.

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These phenomena impress us through their grandeur, violence and unpredictability. They may modify the shape of our planet and influence our lives too. Their manifestation is real show where we can assist or even become actors too.

This lamp looks like a solar eclipse. It comes from Igendesign. Its light creates a nice atmosphere and it is a very useful lamp too. We can put in different places and use it as a different type of lamp. We can hang it like a chandelier, put it on a table or anywhere we like to. Its shape makes you think of how weak we are in front of these natural phenomena and how incredible these events are.

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