Soft and Wavy bowls

I like fruit and my children love fruit, too. So we try to have lots of different fruit around as often as possible, even if it is winter. But I find fruit baskets rather inappropriate for the home, so I prefer keeping them in bowls. Bowls are a lot more decorative and you can use them when they are empty, too, as they look perfectly fine without being filled with different things. These Soft and Wavy bowls are very colourful and amazing as design. They fit any kind of home, no matter how modern or old-fashioned it may be.

Bols multicolor

These bowls are made of resin and they are available in many different vibrant colours that draw attention, especially if the bowls are placed on the table in the middle of the living room. The bowls in discussion are exactly as the title describes them: soft and wavy. They have a wavy design on and they are so soft to touch thanks to the high quality resin they are made of. The carved resin is semi-transparent and allows you to see through thanks to the light. The bowls are very handy and have a large opening, so you can have free access to its contents. If you do not have any fruit in and do not like to keep it empty, you can store some aromatic plants in or use it for other purposes. Any way, ypou can purchase the item for a special price of $19.