Sofas: Big Furniture, Big Impact

When you hear: “living space,” what do you think of? Perhaps larger rooms, windows, and, above all, sofas. There are many other elements necessary for a style-infused living space, of course, but sofas tend to be the defining Big Statement item. Most likely because it’s the biggest physical piece of furniture in a space, but also because it subliminally involves such a big slice of life as well – conversations with loved ones, lounging with a good book, holidays, gatherings, meditations, reflections. Really, a sofa does it all. It is truly big furniture with even bigger impact.

Sofa big furnitureView in gallery

The large platform-type sofas in this space are unique in their depth and provide the jumping-off point of the entire room’s contemporary-comfortable vibe. Low, flat, and squarish, the furniture enhances the layout of the entire room. Because they are so large, these sofas are kept neutral, in a lighter hue than the club chairs so as to break up their visual dominance somewhat. This also highlights those magnificent window views. This room has struck a hard-to-achieve balance of being simultaneously spacious and cozy, and the sofa design choices played a big role in that success.

Corner sofaView in gallery

This large-print sectional is certainly a statement piece; however, it makes its declaration with dignity and grace. The huge sofa manages to keep from overpowering the delicate chandelier, creating an interesting and delightful juxtaposition in the space overall. Those large windows have to be the highlight in this room, and the sectional’s placement simply emphasizes the beautiful views and allows more people to be able to appreciate them.

Sofa living roomView in gallery

These large identical sofas, with their contemporary lines and neutral colors, facilitate the structured and organized environment here. Nearly everything in the space is symmetrical and square, communicating serenity through order and neutrality. The spacious room with its vaulted ceilings and regimented lines could be somewhat intimidating; however, the furniture arrangement is inviting and provides everyone with a piece of the conversation.

Living room sofaView in gallery

This wall-to-wall sofa is as customized as the entire space it lives in. An upholstered “headboard” mounted above gives this huge sofa a relaxed, welcoming look, and the space overall takes on the comforts and familiarity of a bedroom than the formalities of a sitting room. The space is both stunning and sophisticated, what with the pewter and black color palette (who can resist that pop of fuchsia?) and loads of interesting, intriguing shapes and lines.

Attic sofaView in gallery

This space is one glowing, shining mass of joy. Sheen is everywhere – the eye is immediately drawn upwards (to that beautiful chandelier), as ceiling angles create various sheens of the wallpaper. Thus, the breathtaking velvet couch in pale silver is an absolutely perfect choice here – it looks luxurious and comfortably at home in this shiny, pink-toned attic space.

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