Sofa and footstool by Satyendra Pakhale

The furniture fair 2010 at Stockholm saw many designers with their innovative designs, which included the one from Amsterdam designer Satyendra Pakhale with his sofa and footstool, designed for a bed company. The furniture is very simple and colorful with the trademark blue and white checks used by the beds of that company.

Sofa and footstool by Satyendra Pakhale1

The chequered pattern looks really nice. I really like that pattern and it seems to be trendy these days. It’s used for all kinds of stuff, like clothes, shoes and accessories, and now even for furniture. So the aesthetic part is a success. But not only that. The comfort issue was also taken into consideration. That’s why this collection is even more appreciated. The sofa is extremely comfortable and soft and the little ottoman is a good place to rest your tired feet. It’s a very nice couple.

The colors used are the classic white and blue, which is a nice combination, especially in this case, being the trademark of the company. The overall design is simple, with a modern touch and of course very comfortable. It would be a very nice addition to a living room, but it could also be used in an office or a waiting room. The footstool is very cute and it can also be used as a stool or an extra sear when needed. It’s a simple collection with classic and beautiful lines.