Socks Rolled Down Tumbler from Marimekko

I am tired of the same things again and again. For example the model of glasses I have are produced on such a large scale that if I visit my grandma or my mother or some other friend or relative I stand I good chance to find the exact model of glasses at their place, too. And I hate when this happens. So I started looking for some funny and unusual glasses, coloured if possible because my kids love colourful things.ANd I have just found these nice looking glasses that look like the rolled down socks of some playful little boy. They are funny and not at all expensive, as you can purchase a set of two for only $35.


These glasses are available in many colours (smoke, honey, grass, purple and red) and are made of mouth-blown glass. They are perfect in your kitchen and you can use them now for serving some cold lemonade or freshly squeezed juice in a hot summer day. They are designed by Anu Penttinen for Merimekko. They have a perfect size, being able to hold up to two deciliters of liquid and are safe to wash in the dishwasher.