The Quick 411 on Soapstone Countertops

We’ve seen them on our favorite web sites, magazines and all over Pinterest. But, we’ve had no idea what they are, where they come from, how they’re made or that they’re quite different than the usual granite surfaces. Soapstone countertops are a way to upgrade your kitchen with a premium feel that’s modern, versatile and easy to use for a variety of reasons. And we’re here to give you the 411 before you take the plunge.

What is it?

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A natural stone like its granite counterpart, soapstone is made up of mostly mineral talc. It’s softer to touch than other quarried stones we are used to but when made into a kitchen countertop, quartz is added making it more sufficient for usage. Although soft, it’s still considered a rock but easier to cut, mold and form into the pieces you need to create a complete kitchen. Used as a medium for carving for decades upon decades, it’s no wonder that soapstone has become an easy-to-create & install kitchen countertop material.{found on bluebellkitchens and derekmooreandsons}.

Pro + Cons?

All soapstone has a natural, gray/charcoal tone that mixes and matches well within a variety of kitchen styles from modern to rustic. As you’ll read throughout the blogosphere, soapstone is known mostly for being resistant to a variety of chemicals and acids … which is why our chemistry tables in high school were topped with these natural findings. Basically, it’s durable, which make it a great option for forever homes. Soapstone is a nonporous surface which means it will never absorb any liquids spilled atop, nor will bacteria or germs take up a home inside either. If you scratch the surface they can easily be sanded or oiled away with the right products. They’re seen as an upgrade to your home, making your house more valuable during resell. And these are just the main beneficial points!

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But of course, nothing is “perfect” and there are some things to consider before you jump right on in. Soapstone is textural and because of this, you may want to go with a smoother material if you’re scared of China or glassware becoming scuffed. It’s not as heat resistant as granite and it will always need regular maintenance; oils applied to the surface to darken the space evenly.{found on buckminstergreen}.


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Costs vary but seem to stay in the rand of $75/$150/foot. Installation is where you’ll find even more of your wallet going to the wayside but this particular material is very user friendly and can be DIYed must easier than most.{found on misiaszekturpin and thewoodshopofavon}.


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Soapstone is the underdog of the traditional bunch of countertop materials even though it’s just as durable as granite and marble! But it’s all in how you care for it. Check out these quick tips on the care and preservation of your own soapstone tops.

  • Don’t skimp on the mineral oil. It brings out the character of your soapstone and speeds up the oxidation process.
  • Never sit or stand on a soapstone countertop.
  • You can easily clean this stone with some soap and water.
  • Remember, this is a “softer” rock so make sure never to cut directly onto the surface. Grab the cutting boards!
  • If needed clean corners with small vegetable brushes.
  • This material is also great for the bathroom, fireplace surroundings and even on floors!