Snowflake Drink Coasters

It’s still winter and I can’t wait to see it go away, but when it only began I liked it a lot, with its big snowflakes and all. As nothing suggests winter better than big perfect snowflakes. So if you want to have some season decorations in your home without trying too much, you can combine the snowflake picture with some practical purpose and purchase some very nice drink coasters that are made of tile and have a snowflake pattern on. They look very nice and bring the winter atmosphere in your home, too, but they can also be used to protect your furniture against scratches or any unwanted accidents.

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These tile coasters are perfect to be used on your coffee table or even in the kitchen when you take a hot pot off the stove. Just place it on this tile drink coaster (if the pot is small) and problem solved, as it will not melt or something. Materials can vary, too, depending on your wish. If the first picture shows you a tile made of travertine, the second one pictures a felt pad with a polyester resin on. Of course the price will vary according to size and material , somewhere between $18 and $10, but the effect is impressive, especially if you combine the snowflake pattern with a white and light blue wall, carpet or table cloth.

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