Snap Chair by Karim Rashid

Designers are awarded all kinds of prizes that acknowledge their accomplishments in this field. For example furniture designers get the Red Dot Award and many other awards. Usually they are given to those who succeed in designing revolutionary things, something that simple and yet so effective that you can’t believe it. One of the most famous present designers is Karim Rashid and one of his most famous works is the Snap Chair.

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This chair is very special for the reasons I mentioned before and that is why it got the Red Dot Design Award for 2009. It has a very modern design and a very special way of combining the two halves of the chair that are coloured differently.

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The stainless steel frame of the chair makes it possible for you to “snap” the two halves in their place and they stay there fixed until you decide to change them again. You can change only half or even both, combining colours and feeling like you actually change the whole chair with a totally new one. The seat is made of Expanded Polypropylene which is lightweight and hypoallergenic. It is also recyclable, emission free and shock absorbing and is available in many colours. You can have such a chair now for 199,00 EUR.