Smila Blomma Kids Wall Lamp from Ikea

When you have kids there are a lot of details you don’t know about how to organize your home for them until you face the problems and you learn how to deal with it. For example when you have a small child and the mother needs to be always keeping an eye on the baby and also when the child grows up a bit and you want to encourage them to sleep alone, you will need a little diffuse and discrete lamp. In the first case you will need it just enough to see the baby and if it’s ok and in the second to cast enough light to scare the bad dreams away, but dim enough to allow them to sleep. That is why the wise guys from Ikea came up with a project for a kids wall lamp in the shape of a flower.

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The product is called the Smila Blomma and is a very nice wall lamp that is specially designed for the kids and adjusted so as not to be harmful for them. That is why it is all covered with a soft plastic that is tamper-proof against curious little fingers. At the same time it allows the light to come out without a problem and without leaving the light bulb exposed for the little kids to get hurt.

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This lamp can be fixed to the wall together with the power cord ensuring both light and safety. It was designed by Anna Efverlund and can now be purchased for $9.99 from the Ikea stores.