Smart Tel-Aviv Apartment Improved With A New Layout

An apartment that originally has only one bedroom and one bathroom was redesigned by Manyan Zusman. The apartment is located in Tel Aviv, Israel and it now features an additional room used as a home office, a guest bathroom as well as a more open décor throughout.

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Except for a single one meter wall there are no other interior walls in the apartment. The spaces are separated through custom cabinetry and glass partitions. This way the entire apartment feels more spacious and airy and there’s more room for other functions.

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The shared areas and the bedroom and office form two separate zones at opposite ends. The kitchen and the living room are connected and form a small single space. A swivel TV concept stands between them. This way the TV can be oriented however the users want. It can even face the open balcony adjacent to this shared space.

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The kitchen is simple and modern. All the appliances are hidden in order to create a simple and fluid décor. The black backsplash contrasts with the white cabinetry and an LED strip offers task lighting for the counter.A kitchen island serves as a visual barrier between the two spaces. It doubles as a breakfast table and can accommodate bar stools. The overall simple and practical kitchen layout is in harmony with the rest of the apartment.

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The small living room is facing the kitchen and there’s a seamless connection between then. The black sofa is the equivalent of the black backsplash, contrasting with the white wall behind it. The light gray tiled floor keeps the décor nicely balanced.The coffee table has a quirky design. Its white frame offers it an abstract look and the glass top allows it to have minimal impact on the overall décor.

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A yellow armchairs adds a touch of color to this corner. It coordinates well with a few other yellow accents used throughout the apartment. The sleek wall-mounted shelves behind it can easily go unnoticed but they also give this portion of the room a chic look.

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Huge glass windows open the living area and the kitchen onto the balcony. The views are really peaceful and beautiful, with lots of vegetation and vibrant colors.

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An orange tree on the balcony actually brings nature in. It’s a lovely and fresh accent element meant to complement both the surroundings and the quirky furniture used out here.

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The bedroom and bathrooms occupy the other side of the apartment. The bedroom is connected to an open bathroom and a home office space. In between stands a transparent glass partition. And when privacy is needed on either side, long white curtains can solve the problem.

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A standing desk is placed in front of the window to take advantage of the natural light. A cord lighting fixture hangs on its right side. The yellow cord coordinates with the rest of the yellow elements in the apartment, including the ones in the adjacent bedroom.

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A large closet unit doubles as a space divider between this bedroom and the social areas.

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A small black cube which represents the guest bathroom was positioned in between the bedroom and office space. It extends towards the social areas and inside there’s a yellow wall niche which coordinates with the similar feature seen in the bedroom, on the either side of the wall.

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