Smart House by Terry and Terry Architects, The Choy Residence

Located in San Francisco, California, this 1960’s box house was ready for a transformation. Terry and Terry Architects created an open plan space and Chris Choy Design made it a warm and welcoming place to land.

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The architects knocked down some of the existing walls and parts of the roof, in order to flood the house with natural light and improve circulation. The upgrade of the home also shelters the rear deck and the openings at the middle floors from wind. They also added a light shaft through all the levels to illuminate the walls.

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The designer kept neutral tones throughout the entire space, making it feel an airy, open space. The house’s personality is given by the massive amounts of wood used and by the simple, yet slick furniture. The heart of the home is the living area, which is open to the kitchen and dining space. Furthermore, it is also a smart house because it features photovoltaic solar panels and rain water collection. In other words this house is an exhibition of contemporary living.