Small White Light Cage by Josselin Deris

Inspired from a suspended candelabra the Small White Light Cage by Josselin Deris takes another dimension and makes a genuine note of romanticism in the piece. If you are looking for a clean and simple design then you can but it for 195 euros. This lamp has a very interesting design looking like a flower hanging from the ceiling, but only the flower strain goes down in a normal position, holding the flower “bloom” upwards so as you can admire it and it can enjoy the sunlight. It’s a bit poetic, but that’s how I see things.

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The designer used a red cord for a more effective visual impact and a sort of metal cage for the bloom. I wonder if she did it to suggest that light must be protected. You know – I did see small metal cages protecting the light bulbs is less secure neighbourhoods were the street lights risked being smashed out any time. So the cage is not a prison, but rather like a protection thing.