Small sustainable house in California by Arkin Tilt Architects

This house, even though it might look simple and doesn’t stand out much, is part of a daring project. This is actually an experiment. The house is located east of Nevada City in California and it’s a weekend and vacation retreat for a couple and their two young sons.

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Building this house was the first step towards creating a house that produces all of the energy it needs and uses. It’s a daring project developed by David Arkin and his team from Arkin Tilt Architects. They designed an essential core building that has mounted solar panels, a solar heating system, concrete flooring and straw-bale walls. This way it produces and maintains all the energy it needs all year around. The house covers an area of 872 square feet. It’s a small building that contains a sleeping loft and a bathroom but it’s also an inspiring experiment.

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Since it was designed as a part-time residence only to be used during vacations and holidays, the architects tried to keep material selection and cost to a minimum. They chose simple and durable materials including metal for the roof, concrete for the floors and salvaged wood for the panels between the windows. Their goal was to create a sustainable and environmentally-friendly structure that would also be a part of a more complex study. The house uses solar water collectors, heating panels, a roof-mounted photovoltaic panel system and other similar features.{found on inhabitat}.