Small student’s apartment with a fresh interior

When you’re a student you obviously can’t afford to live in a big apartment. Usually you don’t even need to because there’s not much space that you need. You just need a place to sleep and a place where you can learn while the rest of the time you’re out with friends having fun. Still, there’s no reason why you can’t do that in style. Let’s take a look at this very beautiful student’s apartment.

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It’s small but it’s very airy and bright. The walls and ceilings are white and this always creates the impression of a larger space while also helping create a bright décor. The windows also contribute to that image. This is s small studio apartment that only measures 39 square meters. It might be small but it has everything a student needs. Also, it provides the intimacy and privacy that everyone wants.

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The décor of this place is very simple. However, it’s also very elegant and stylish. All the rooms are airy and bright and they also have lots of windows. The living room is opened to the dining room and the kitchen. The walls and most of the furniture are white. The sofa in the living room is gray and matches the carpet. The bedroom is small but cozy. The entry hall is also small and it also serves as an improvised work area.{found on Stadshem}