Small Space, Big Style – The Barcode House

Barcode House is a beautiful contemporary home located in Washington DC and designed by David Jameson Architect. Its name comes from an exterior design detail which consists of a series of horizontal lines which resemble a huge commercial barcode.

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This amazing residence is a mixture of old and new, heavy and light. Due to the lack of site space the house is vertically oriented as a solution. Moreover the architect used a lot of floor to ceiling windows in order to create a light, airy space and also gave the rooms the sense of grandeur.

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As you can see throughout the entire house the color palette is made out of neutral colors, white and grey which make the space feel bigger. Furthermore every room is furnished in a way that gives the place a great sense of openness and it makes the most out of the minimal.

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The Barcode House is a highly functional, high tech and a very high on style home. It has multifunctional, multitasking kitchen, equipped with beautiful stainless steel appliances. This residence is surely noticed in the neighborhood. It is simple, gorgeous and has a clean design.

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This house has the perfect balance and becomes a very modern element, a statement of beauty amongst its neighbors.