Small Kitchen on Budget but Big on Style

Are you looking for few kitchen interior designing tips that are big on style? Do you want the tips to be inexpensive so that you create an impact without breaking your piggy bank? Well, if this is the case, then you would be pleased to know that there are oodles of ways to decorate a small kitchen on a strict budget but big on style.

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As you are looking for budgeted options that are big on style, begin with the basic, which is painting. Employ a neutral color such as white, off white, cream or ivory along with few accent colors such as orange, fuchsia, green or orange to paint the walls of the kitchen to transform the walls of the room.

Try to create at least one focal point for the room. A colorful backsplash area, utensil rack, stylish shelves or glass cabinet doors are few options that won’t cost you a fortune and at the same time, allow you to add exquisite accents to the room.

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Kitchen cabinets are the heart of the kitchen. Proper stylish cabinets installed in the kitchen are known to create an impressive statement. If you are unable to purchase new cabinets, consider revitalizing the old ones. Consider changing the color of the cabinets and installing new hardware pieces. Alternatively, you may also opt for open shelves and cabinets. With open cabinets, the room will appear brighter as light will be allowed to travel freely.

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Introducing quality lighting fixtures to the room does not involve a big investment and will allow you to spice up the décor. Your best bet would be finding fixtures that cater to numerous functions, such as task lighting and overall lighting. A monorail track system is a popular choice.

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Consider building or buying a breakfast bar for the kitchen. Besides providing a space for informal dining, breakfast bar would add a lot of depth to the kitchen while they enhance the storage capacity and work area.

To make the kitchen stylish, you may consider placing few home plants in and around the kitchen. Buy easy to maintain houseplants and place them in earthen pots. You may also choose to grow various types of herbs such as basil, bay leaves, thyme, etc. Paint the earthen pots in colorful patterns and designs to create your unique personalized pots.{first pic from}