Small DIY Painted Chandelier

Since I was a little girl I loved precious stones or any other things that looked like them. Crystals are among them and I just adore them. Even if now I am a grown-up person I still have the same preferences for these sparkling objects. I remember I used to have a ring with a green stone when I was little and now my engagement ring has a beautiful and shiny stone too. My earrings have some tiny white stones too and for my little girl I chose some small earrings with some red stones. All these precious stones attract me and make me feel wonderful.

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Here it is a very nice DIY project which seems to use some beautiful crystals for a cheap and small chandelier. Actually it is a vintage chandelier which came in a brushed nickel finish from IKEA for a nice price. A little bit of paint seemed to transform it into a gorgeous piece for a nursery room.

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Its owner bought some acrylic paint of a turquoise nuance and made a miracle for this antique chandelier. It was transformed into a beautiful chandelier that with its brilliant crystals make you think of those sparkling and huge chandeliers which appear in the castles of the fairy tales. The project will take you a little bit of time but the wonderful result is preciousless. Even kids will adore it and will be attracted to its sparkling crystals.It is an easy DIY project which will also help you some money and recycle an old object which can still be used.{found on howdoesshe}