Small but chic attic apartment with beautiful views and a balanced décor

Lately we became more and more in love with attic apartment and with good reason. Attic apartments are extremely charming. Besides the main characteristics that describe them as a type of space, they each also have their own particularities that make them special. This apartment, for example, definitely has a few interesting qualities that deserve to be admired.

Nordic attic design2

Even though it’s not exactly pleasant to be under the lower side of the roof, it’s exactly this detail that makes attic apartment so beautiful and charming. The slanted roof makes the room feel cozy even without any other décor details. In addition to that, they’re perfect for adding skylights. Having a skylight above your bed allows you to admire the sky, the stars or watch the rain fall while you’re relaxing and falling asleep.

Nordic attic design

Nordic attic design1

Nordic attic design3

Nordic attic design4

Nordic attic design5

Nordic attic design6

Nordic attic design7

Nordic attic design8

In the case of this particular attic apartment, there are many beautiful features to take into consideration. First of all, the décor is simple but this doesn’t make it less special. This simplicity in combination with the light and bright color palette makes the rooms feel larger and more airy. What’s also beautiful is the combination of colors used for the décor.

Nordic attic design9

Nordic attic design10

Nordic attic design11

Nordic attic design12

Nordic attic design13

Nordic attic design15

Nordic attic design16

The black and white combo is always elegant but here it was used to also add a modern touch to the apartment. Notice that the contrast between these neutrals is also diminished by the grey shades. The patterns also distract the attention from the actual colors while also creating focal points. It was a clever choice of colors for this rather small attic apartment. The oak parquet flooring creates continuity throughout the rooms and they also add warmth to the décor. Al the rooms are based on the same main décor elements but they also each have accessories that make them stand out and that give them character.{found on Stadshem}.