Small Box House in Sao Paulo, Brazil

This small but cute and eye-catching construction is located on an island on the North coast of the State of São Paulo, Brazil. It’s a small family home and it was designed and built by Alan Chu & Cristiano Kato. The project was completed n 2008. The site area is 8.000 sq m but the actual house is much smaller. Actually it only occupies 36 sq m.

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Since the residence is so small, building it was easy and simple. The site sits 100 meters above sea level next to two enormous rocks. Before this cute house was built, there was an old construction on the site, a one-storey home with stone walls and clay roof tiles. The new building is taller, featuring 2 floors. It’s also composed of a strange a white suspended box. Inside is the bedroom and from there you see the continent and the São Sebastião Channel.

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Under the box, at street level, are the living room, kitchen and bathroom. The interior décor includes a lot of wood, making the house warm and inviting. There are wood doors, windows, a wooden staircase, wooden shelves and furniture and leftover materials were also used to make scaffoldings and molds for the white box. Overall, this is a small but full of personality home, with an intriguing design and incredibly beautiful views.{found on archdaily}