Small apartment with a Swedish traditional interior design

It’s always fun to experiment and to create new concepts and designs but it’s also fun to go back to the classics. In this case, it couldn’t have been more classical than it already it. This is a small apartment that measures only 40 square meters. However, this fact alone is not an inconvenient or at least it wasn’t for this particular owner.

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The apartment was very beautifully decorated and it features a classical interior décor. The apartment is very airy and it actually seems spacious, despite its small dimensions. It’s a bright space and this impression is also given by the décor, more exactly by the colors that have been chosen. The walls, the ceilings, as well as the floors are white throughout the apartment. This creates a sense of openness and gives the impression of a larger space. When there’s nothing else you can do, at least you can trick the eye.

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The interior is a mix of classical pieces and the décor is airy and very attractive. The owner chose a very vibrant palette of colors to create contrasts. Most of the décor is white and the red, blue and yellow pieces are only used as accent features. They are all very strong colors, the three primary colors as some might say. They come from very different places and they have very little in common. It’s why they don’t always mix beautifully. In this case we could call it an exception.{found on Vision}.