Small Apartment With A Hammock That Covers An Entire Floor

We rarely find apartments with such interesting interior designs. Usually, when we choose to talk about a small apartment, it’s because of the way in which it was organized or because of the clever storage solutions the designer has found and employed. This time, however, we chose this apartment because it’s very fun.

Small apartment functional design2

This 33 square meter apartment was designed by Ruetemple for two students. They managed to make this place really unique and very fun. The most interesting and impressive feature would have to be the second floor. This area is one huge hammock. The slanted ceiling didn’t leave much room for furniture.

Small apartment functional design1

Small apartment functional design3

So the designers decided to arrange a sleeping area on one side of the room and to include a wall storage unit and to transform the rest of the space into a giant hammock by removing the floor and leaving only the supporting structure and the frame. They then installed webbed material on which you can relax and watch what’s going on the lower floor.

Small apartment functional design4

Small apartment functional design5

Small apartment functional design6

Small apartment functional design7

Small apartment functional design8

The apartment has three modules. Each area can be either a living room, a home office or a bedroom and this flexibility makes it perfect for its users. The style chosen for the interior is minimalist and modern. This is a place where the owners can relax and chill as well as study and have fun.{found on ruetemple}.