Small apartment near Strand for sale

This cute little apartment measures only 53 sqm but it compensates with a warm and cozy interior. It’s located in a quiet and highly desirable area close to Strand in Stockholm and it’s beautifully designed and functionally divided. On the rear of the building where the apartment is situated is a very lovely courtyard, quiet and relaxing and a source of natural light.

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The apartment has a spacious lounge area with beautiful high ceilings and nice tiles. This is an area that can be used wither as a seating area, a living room or a dining room. There are already some dining room furniture pieces but you can always change that. The bedrooms and very warm and cozy. They feature double beds and wardrobes. There are also two large walk-in closets with plenty of storage space.

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The kitchen has been recently renovated and now it features elegant black cabinets, a dishwasher and recessed lighting. The bathroom is also equipped with a shower unit and has underfloor heating. The interior décor is contrastive but overall very chic and cozy. The walls are painted in light tones and the floors are dark. This, together with the wooden furniture, forms a very beautiful décor. You can have this apartment for a fixed price of 3.9 million. It would be a nice home for a single couple or a small family.{found on skeppsholmen}