Small apartment morphed into a spacious home[Video]

We are all unique and we all do things differently, we think differently and we tend to also modify the elements surrounding us to fit our style. It’s why each person has a specific image in mind of what their home should look like. We design our homes and we modify them constantly. Sometimes we need help from professionals for achieving the result we wanted and sometimes we need another mind to help us understand what is exactly that we want. For the owner of this unusual apartment, the help came from two Romanian architecture students.

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At first, the apartment that you see now had a whole different structure and layout. It was a tiny and cramped space with four minuscule rooms. Of course, for the owner that used to live in either a tiny trailer, a tent or a boat, it seemed spacious. The 350 square meter apartment encouraged him to appreciate the features that came with compact living.

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Nevertheless, it became apparent that an expansion was needed. Since it would have been difficult to add more living space by expanding the structure, the solution was to redesign and remodel the apartment in order to make it feel more spacious. The owner’s dream was to make this place spacious enough to accommodate large dinner parties and overnight guests. He also wanted a home office and a home theatre.

Since he didn’t have a clear picture in mind of what the new design should be like, he decided to start a design competition. The winners were the two Romanian architecture students that came up with a project called “One size fits all”. The project as completed in 2012 and the results are spectacular. The team had to knock down walls, to change the layout and to transform the 4-room apartment into one spacious and open area with built-in features and a much more functional design.{found on faircompanies}.