Small Apartment Becomes A Temporary Home For Travelers

In the past years, Budapest has become a popular tourist destination, people from all over the world using Airbnb to book vacations here. The increasing request for tourist accommodations has inspired apartment owners to transform their properties into such spaces so travelers can enjoy the comfort of a welcoming home adapted to suit their simplified needs.

Small Budapest apartment for tourists main room designView in gallery

This 30 square meter apartment In Budapest was renovated by Position Collective, a company founded in 2010 by a group of Hungarian designers with diverse creative skills. They showcased their skills in both local and foreign projects, this particular project being one of the most interesting despite the apartment’s reduced size.

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But even though the apartment is tiny, its interior feels spacious. Achieving this without sacrificing storage was a challenge for the design team. The solution they found was to create an elevated platform.

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The apartment has a single room which incorporates the sleeping area, the kitchen and a small dining space. A platform made of plywood was built for the sleeping area. The double bed (mattress actually) was placed on top of it. Underneath, the platform incorporates storage for things like pillows, blankets and even clothes.

Small Budapest apartment for tourists main room designView in gallery

Behind the bed a storage wall was created. This feature takes the place of the classical wall cabinets. The entire wall was treated as a configurable storage system with pegs that hold a series of shelves. These can be removed and repositioned as desired.

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The pegboard continues into the kitchen where the pegs and shelves can be used to store and display dishes, spices and other utensils and useful items. Their role is similar to that of standard upper cabinets found in most kitchens. The difference here is that this type of storage system maintains a more casual and airy look throughout, allowing the room to feel more spacious.

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The sleeping area and the kitchen are separated by a mesh curtain. This solution allows these portions of the room to function as separate spaces while also maintaining cohesiveness throughout.

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The large windows let plenty of natural light into the kitchen. The light also enters the sleeping area, filtering through the mesh divider. A small table with a circular top and a pair of chic, classical chairs are placed opposite to the kitchen prep area.

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Three colorful pendant light hanging above the table cheer up the space. The pastel green featured by the middle pendant is also found on the coat hanger which takes the form of a metal pipe hanging from the ceiling in front of the bed platform. This system also incorporates a shelf on which local art is displayed. Once again, the designers incorporated clever storage solutions in order to simplify the overall décor and to avoid bulky elements such as cabinets.

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To the left of the sleeping area, hidden behind the bed one can find a small bathroom. White tiles on the walls and floor ensure an airy feel. The furniture and everything else share the same color. The glass shower divider allows light to enter the space and the wall mirror adds depth to the room.

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