Small apartment with a cleverly-organized interior

This is an apartment that covers a total surface of 48 square meters. It’s a small space but is ideal for a single person or for a couple. That’s because it has an interior space that has been very cleverly organized. The internal distribution is something to be inspired by for similar apartments. Let’s have a closer look.The room division is basically the classical distribution.

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There’s a large open space that includes the kitchen, the dining room and the living room and a separate volume for the bedroom. It’s not an original design but it works perfectly for a small space like this one. Instead of having three tiny spaces separated by walls, there’s only one. By eliminating the walls the area becomes visibly larger. Also, you get more freedom when decorating and if, for example, the kitchen is extremely small, you can expand it a little in the dining or living room.

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The bedroom is an enclosed area. It has an adjacent bathroom that is tiny but featuring a minimalist décor that helps with that problem. The bedroom is the most serene space in the apartment. It lacks strong, vibrant colors. The open plan, on the other hand, is a very dynamic space. It has lots of storage spaces incorporated everywhere and a series of colorful accent features that create a casual and dynamic atmosphere.{found on Bolaget}.