Small And Multifunctional Apartment That Even Has Room For A Pet

The design of a home is more important than the size. We’ve seen that with numerous occasions and this is one more opportunity to emphasize this idea. It’s very important to understand the space and to be able to take advantage of its every feature. This apartment is located in Taiwan and it might be very small but it certainly doesn’t look so.

Taiwan small apartment

The great thing about this apartment is that no compromises were made when decorating it. It simply has a smart interior design. It was a project by Folk Design and every little inch of space was used excellently. You can look at this apartment as being either an office or a cozy home. The modern office can quickly become a bedroom thanks to the interior design.

Taiwan small apartment2

The bed is hiding in the wall and everything else is multifunctional. Another nice detail about the apartment is the fact that is looks very open. That’s because of the minimalist style chosen for the project. The

Taiwan small apartment1

Taiwan small apartment3

Taiwan small apartment4

Taiwan small apartment5

Taiwan small apartment6

Taiwan small apartment11

Taiwan small apartment7

Taiwan small apartment8

Taiwan small apartment9

clean lines and the lack of unnecessary or purely decorative elements work splendidly here. The table desk doesn’t enclose the space thanks to its design while the shelving provides plenty of storage without taking up floor space. There are also many hidden storage space everywhere. The interior design is so smart and functional that there’s even room for a pet in the apartment.