Small and Cozy Garden Hackney Shed Office

The shed is located in a garden in North-east London. The building was design by ‘Office Sian Architecture + Design’. It is a beautiful place where you can relax in summer. With birds singing and the nature right at your years, the place is an extraordinary chill zone. If you like we can call it ‘the outdoor summer living room’. This is perfect for people who work from home. This is a great working space where you can really concentrate on your papers.

Humble hackney shedView in gallery

By the ceiling and from the retractable door come natural light, so you feel like standing in nature. The place is a great working office with a large chair, a table and a computer and it has a great bookcase. This creation is great at the shore as it is here, in the garden. The wall of the shed are surrounded by wooden walls, in this way won’t have problems with cold. The sustainably sourced timber were used by the London- based studio in the exact size they were available.

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In this way the studio focused to limit the waste of the building. This concept is an award winning one. Office Sian ensured that the award-winning shed can keep heating bills down. The best thing about this shed is that the above the desk, the ceiling is letting light in, so that you could work and read without using any electricity. We should all do this in our garden it is a great space, and you could use it for anything you want.