Slope Desk: simple and functional

Are you tired of always finding a bunch of stuff on your desk, to see it get cluttered and messy? We all are. Fortunately, there’s a very simple solution for that. It’s the Slope Desk designed by Oslo-based Jenk Design Office. The desk features a simple and ergonomic design that allows you to be comfortable and it also prevents the top from getting cluttered.

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It has a slightly angled top that helps you concentrate better and it also ensures a comfortable position while working. It also has two wedges that prevent your pen or drink from slipping away. Because the top is so simple, it makes it easier for you to maintain it clean and to have a nice workspace. The Slope desk also features a very useful storage space that’s hidden underneath the top. This means you’ll still be able to have everything you need for work but not the working surface.

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After you finish working you can easily hide everything underneath. This helps you forget about it and it also allows you to use the desk for other activities as well.

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The Slope desk is made from a mix of birch veneer MDF and plywood, with solid maple legs. It’s a very functional piece of furniture that successfully combines the looks and the practical side into a very attractive unit.