Slim Pelleosa Chair

The Pelleossa chair was inspired by the natural reduction of the skeletal system and from here comes its name, which in English means “skin and bones”. Once you analyze it, you see that the handcrafted wood and stretched fabric chair is an ideal combination of traditional workmanship and modern production efficiency.

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Designed by Francesco Faccin, this plain chair proves a very careful attention to details and is very close to a piece of art. Clean and hardwearing, every piece of furniture is made with a conventional “turn and copy” technique and the repetition of two diameters only optimizes the usable material.  In spite of its simplicity, it is inviting and being known the fact that usually simple things are the most successful, it can be included into this category.

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No matter if you look at the wooden parts or the leather seat, every detail is carefully taken care of and the conclusion is more than satisfactory; both skin and bones complete each other and constitute the perfect mixture. Handcrafted wood pieces in general represent the best solution and they always prove that high quality is the key, no matter the field. In addition, as we all need chairs for our homes, gardens, according to our taste and personality, but also according to their lasting period, materials, quality, the skin and bones pieces are an inspiring solution.