How To Make A Wall Desk With A Customized Design

One of the many ways in which you can personalize your home is with a homemade desk. It may sound like a difficult project at first but the desk doesn’t necessarily have to be made from scratch and this greatly simplifies things. Of course, there are many different types of designs you can try, each with its own set of challenges.

Office diy desk from ikea

If you don’t want to build your desk from scratch then you can just put two existing pieces together. For example, you can combine a console table with a side table or a nightstand. It would definitely help if they had the right dimensions. You can use one for storage and the other as a work surface. What you’ll get will be a narrow desk just right for your needs.

DIY filling cabinet desk

Another combination you could make includes two filing cabinets and a wood board big enough to serve as a desktop. All you have to do is use the cabinets as a supporting base for the wooden top. You could have all these elements painted to match each other or you can use them as such. In addition, you can control how long you want the desk to be by deciding how far apart the cabinets should be. Check out northstory for more details.

Butcher block desk

A similar design idea was also used for the desk featured on meadowlkeroad. Three filing cabinets were used in this case. The result was a double desk which occupied an entire wall. There are many different ways in which such a desk can be customized. The cabinets can be painted to match the top, the walls or anything else.

Wall mounted desk with angled supports

There’s also the option to actually build the desk from scratch. Let’s say you want it to look like the wall-mounted desk on simplifiedbuilding. The supplies needed for the project include four swivel flanges, aluminum and steel pipes, a desktop, a piece of wood, screws and washers. You can attach the desk to the wall at any height and anywhere you want.

Modern desk design

The simpler the desk is the easier the project would be as well. The design featured on rogueengineer is not particularly challenging. To build a desk like that you’ll need some wood, a drill, a saw, screws and paint or stain. What’s beautiful about this design is the organizer which is perfect for files, magazines and other things. You can have it painted a color different than the desk to create a visual separation between them.

Simple desk and shelf

Since you’re building your own desk from scratch, perhaps you’d also like to make some storage for it. A simple shelf would do. Check out jennasuedesign. You’ll need some wood which you’ll have to cut into pieces with the desired dimensions. You can buy the legs for the legs so you don’t have to make them out of wood as well. The tutorial shows you all the steps you need to follow and also offers useful tips so make sure to have a look at it before you start your own project.