Slice Coffee Table magic

A slice coffee table adds beauty to your house as it adds luxury to your house. It is an asymmetrical table having tempered glass at its top and the whole structure is made of lacquered wood. The base has wooden structures, which are joined irregularly. The dimensions of this coffee table are 123 x 101 x 20 cms.

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It’s an interesting, as it should be considering the fact that we’re talking about a coffee table. This is probably the most spectacular furniture piece. There are very many different designs for the coffee table and it’s always amazing how designers always manage to come up with something new. Like this one for example. The base is the detail that makes this table special. It’s like a labyrinth in there. The glass top is something that everybody has seen before, but not on an irregular base like this one.

It only comes in white so this might be a problem. But since it’s a coffee table, it’s an accent feature that can often create a nice color contrast with the other furniture pieces. Plus white is a neutral color so it’s not hard to match it with the other color tones. The design of this coffee table is modern and intriguing, not over the top but enough to make it special and intriguing.