Sleek floating staircases for an elegant interior

Lots of interior designs are centered around the staircase. It’s an element that basically connects all the levels and that is usually in the heart of the house. It’s the core that keeps everything together. It’s why staircases are exceptional accent features and focal points. Some designs are more intriguing than others and I think everyone would agree that floating staircases are the most delicate-looking and eye-catching type.

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Floating staircases break that continuity that traditional types had. The stairs are no longer interconnected, they are perceived as individual pieces with, they are all independent and are not contained within a frame or a central structure. They appear to be floating and they tend to seem like they’re unsafe. In fact, they are very well anchored into the wall and they present no danger to most people. However, the children might have some trouble with them.

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This type of staircases is usually anchored in a solid wall and they cantilever away from the wall, thus appearing to be floating. They are made from a variety of materials. The most common material is wood but there are also steel and glass stairs. The ones made of glass are particularly intriguing.

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Their transparency makes them almost invisible and you appear to be walking on thin air. Sometimes, to recreate the continuity that traditional staircases had, the steps are made from the same material and the adjacent wall. They seem to be projecting from it and the image is quite interesting as well.

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Most often, floating staircases feature either a hand rail or they’re placed in between two walls for safety reasons. Another interesting image is that of a floating staircase flanked by a glass wall. Also, a glass guardrail can be used to reinforce the floating effect of the stairs. As for their functionality, floating staircases can be used in both interior and exterior spaces and they are equally intriguing and stylish.{picture sources:1,2,3,4,5,6&7}.