Sleek and Contemporary Manchester Penthouse

This luxury project was completed by the PJ Livesey  developer .The actual space is made out from two apartments that were re-modeled to create a single spacious home. The complete interior is done by “CURVE”, this includes the bathrooms, flooring and wood paneling. The incredible design features fabulous wallpapers, painted walls and in the hallway a map of old Manchester. The place is very modern and stylish.The furniture is perfectly integrated in the open plan living area, as well as the modern appliances and other hi-tech gadgets. Striking colors of certain items in the house go hand in hand with the elegant décor for a youthful feel.

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The whole interior is airy and benefits from plenty of natural light.  Intimacy is also an important factor in any house, the three luxurious bedrooms include wardrobe and dressing areas. If you look just for a bit around the house you will see only the best existing materials and finishes. White leather couches, hardwood paneling and embedded electronics are a sign of wealth.

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The overall look of this amazing project is sleek and contemporary. A local artist complements the household with various art pieces creating a striking finished scheme. These finishing touches also contain combinations of oak and vibrant orange. Different areas from this home have different ambiances. Helped by the lighting system, the luxury environment is presented with taste and elegancy. If you are lucky enough to live in a place like this, enjoy every single piece of it ,because it is indeed a special place, for a special person.