Sled Base Chair

The Sled Base Chair was created by Konstantin Grcic perfect for waiting on it, in a train station, airport or in the waiting lobby of a hotel. It has three main qualities. The round seat offers you a good body position, relaxing your column. The backrest let your body move side way to obtain a more comfortable position. The last main quality of the chair is the design that makes it possible for you to feel a little free when you seat in it.

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The chair gives you a normal body position but that is not all the chair has. A Very beautiful design for the sled base chair, more like a 3d experience. The design offers the chair stability. The chair is perfectly design for school because it has all the right things for that.  The chair is very resistant, made from strong materials it will resist every movement of yours.

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The chair comes in many colors so you can rainbow your kid room, or your terrace. The chair comes in three feat designs. The first one has a normal four feat design, the second and the last one have more stability because of its sled legs. You can also use the chair in the winter as a sled if you know your way around sleds. And you can became a professional sled chair rider.