SKOJIG Pendant Lamp for Kids from IKEA

Clouds have always given me a feeling of comfort and dream and that is why I often associate them with dreams and sleep. I used to sleep in my grandparents garden after looking at the sky for hours and trying to figure out cloud shapes. And I guess that is the reason why all kids love clouds. So what could be more appropriate for the children room than a lamp with clouds on it? It is blue and attractive and a pendant model. It is also available in yellow, but it’s not that fun in this colour as it is in light blue.

Skojig pendant lamp  0099513 PE241579 S4

To be honest it is a bit too heavy for my taste having 1.6 kilos, but it is beautiful. Furthermore it is made of a very resistant and tamper tested material (Polycarbonate plastic and polypropylene) that is totally safe for your child. Designed by Henrik Preutz this lamp is very funny and nice for the kids room and also very affordable, as you can purchase it from IKEA for just $24.99.