Ski Chalet With A Modern Interior Design Instead Classic Wood

Until now I was used to see traditional chalets: small, made of wood and with lots of rustic decorations, but now I had the opportunity to see a different kind of chalet, more modern and sophisticate. This construction was designed by architects from Atelier Kastelic Buffey and it was created for a family who prefers to spend their winter holidays skiing in the mountains and enjoying the views during summers.

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Although the first impression is that it looks a little flat, all those details really make the difference between a regular house and this one; this special home is the place where anyone can enjoy the views both from outside and inside.

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The main area is the one with the living room, the kitchen and dining room. The same kind of floors create the impression of having a big open space partially separated by that beautiful cantilevered stone fireplace from the middle of the room, while its two story ceilings are designed to create a breezy atmosphere with plenty of natural light and fresh air. Because of its big white walls, white ceilings and furniture in neutral tones, the house desperately needed a contrast, some colors to make it more alive.

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So, all those big windows let us use different parts of the exterior landscape as an interior decoration which changes every season. In the living room the modern furniture is emphasized by the contrast with that dark purple carpet while in the dining area the contrast is realized by those minimalist chairs. Upstairs, in a more private place, the guests can relax in a very comfortable orange sofa and enjoy a movie, or perhaps they can reinvigorate in the sauna.{found on wilsonproject}.