Six Ways to Design a More Inviting Living Room

It’s the room in which you and your family spend the most time. Living rooms should be appealing, relaxing and allow you to interact with each other.Here are some tips for creating a living room you’ll never want to leave.

Step Down to Relax.

Elegant living room
Sunken Living Rooms Look Trendy

The sunken living room is a great décor idea. Basically, it means that the living room is a few steps below the rest of the home. Sunken rooms look visually appealing while making the living room more noticeable.

Create it Anywhere.

Elegant living room
Living Room Fits into Other Rooms

You can create a living room in any space in your home. In fact, combining it with another room can be a creative use of space. For example, your living room could form part of the library or study. This uses space wisely in your home while giving the living room more character because it ties into the décor that’s already in that space.

Give it Some Intimacy.

Elegant living room
Create an Engaging Room

An ideal living room gives people sitting in it the feeling that they’re sharing a special moment together. Organize your chairs or couches in an arrangement that enables easier interaction, for instance by placing the chairs so that they face each other.

Choose a Window Seat for Ultimate Comfort.

Elegant living room
Window Seats are Clever Use of Space and Provide Coziness

One of the best ideas for a living room is to use up the space near the windows with a side couch. This is a great spot to score some serious relaxation – imagine reading a book or enjoying a cup of hot chocolate with the sun streaming through. Vibrant patterns and colors, along with soft textures, make the living room comfortable.

Décor Trend Alert: Lamps.

Elegant living room
Create Light and Style with One Click

Lamps have become a décor trend in that they can be used as fashionable accessories. They’re especially great for bringing some trendiness and light to a living room, creating a lovely ambiance. For a bit of quirkiness, add more than one lamp and don’t make them the same. Lamps of different height, color and texture can add an interesting aspect to the room.

Décor Trend Alert: Use Natural Materials.

Elegant living room
Wood is Always a Great Choice

Natural materials in the living room are considered a décor trend for 2013. Such materials create an earthy look. Wood is always a classic and stylish option. Plus, it works wonderfully in the living room because it can be used to create elegance or relaxation (or both!), depending on whether you want a formal or casual space.

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