Six Piece Bathroom Accessory Set

Sometimes I go into the bathroom and I realize it has been exactly the same for quite some time now and I feel the need to change something about it. So I want to change something in order to make it more colourful and more appealing, but I do not intend to make any major changes like painting the walls, changing the tiles or the bathroom vanity. But I can do something simple and effective instead: purchase some beautiful bathroom accessories that will give the room personality and style and chase away monotony. This Six Piece Bathroom Accessory Set is perfect as it is not a radical change, but it’s something nice, with a new and simple design, with great effectiveness.

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The set is totally natural as it is made of rattan so it is ecological and looks fine, too. It is made of six pieces as follows: soap dish, toothbrush holder, tumbler, wastebasket, tissue box cover, and lotion pump. Of course, only the exterior is made of rattan and this natural fibre material looks great against the whiteness of the porcelain all the dishes are made of. You should be careful with these items, as they may look very well, but it is not advisable to keep them under water since rattan will deteriorate. The whole set is now available for $147.