Hanging Chairs Suspended Between Comfort And Function

Hanging chairs are great when used in small numbers or as accent pieces. They stand out best when you showcase their singularity and uniqueness. They form this special category of unique chairs that only partially share in common with all the other ones their function. There are more types of hanging chairs than you’re probably aware of. Some are egg-shaped, others are spherical, some are large, others are small and so on. There’s an endless series of special features that are meant to make each design stand out and look special.

Tafaruci hanging leather belts chair
Tafaruci hanging chair

This elegant chair is one of the newest Tafaruci products. Its design is simple and sophisticated at the same time. In a sense, the chair resembles a vintage fan that gradually unfolds and reveals its true beauty. The chair has this unique sculptural charm casualness that makes both versatile and eye-catching. The semi-spherical wooden frame is made of two sections, the lower section being slightly larger than the upper one.

Blue Harow Hanging Chair

It’s often the simplest-looking furniture pieces that require the most attention and talent and that’s because minimalist designs don’t leave much room for imperfections and can’t be adjusted by making additions. They have to be intrinsically harmonious and beautiful and this requires a lot of planning. This hanging chair from harrow is a pretty great example. Its beauty is in the little details like the contrast between the faceted shell and the padded interior but also in the overall form and design.

Moroso Tropicalia, bench by Patricia Urquiola

The colorful hanging chair displayed here is called Tropicalia and was designed by Patricia Urquiola in 2008. It’s a little bit different than the other hanging chairs we’ve looked at in the sense that it has a thinner frame, the focus being more on color. The diversity of colors used here had to be well thought through in order to find the right balance of tones and to find the right intensities that could be put together without clashing.

Roberti chair swing

Robert hanging round lounge

Designed to be used outdoors, the Gravity series includes these gorgeous hanging chairs and swings with frames that resemble bird cages and balloon baskets. The interesting thing about them is that they’re attached to the ceiling but also to the floor, being harmoniously suspended in between. They provide more stability this way, being ideal for roofed decks and terraces but also for pergolas and gardens.

Bauwerk Black Hnaging Chair
Hanging chair from Bauwerk

This Bauwerk original features the same type of hanging system. A metal chain offers support from the ceiling while there’s also the possibility to secure the bottom of the chair to the floor for more stability. The actual design is pretty simple and common. The chair is egg-shaped and has this casual structure which makes it suitable for both indoor and outdoor spaces.

point hanging duo lounge

The Armadillo designed by Joaquin Homs is a bit larger than your standard hanging chair. It’s actually closer to a daybed. It can be displayed either with a separate frame or as a freestanding piece that can be attached to any ceiling or beam. Its name is inspired by the frame which has this armor-like appearance. Despite that, the interior is very cozy and comfortable. Considering the dimensions, the best place for this hanging daybed would be out in a garden or by the pool.

Leather straps to create a hangign chair

We really like the simplicity of this hanging chair. The only visible part of the frame is the round metal circle that gives it this round shape. Everything else is concealed and covered with woven strips of leather. The chair is meant to be both comfortable and eye-catching, hence this combination of geometric forms and details. There is however also a nice balance of forms and a nice dialogue between the materials.