Single Line Furniture by Yuppie Hippie

Here is a interesting innovative office design by Yuppie Hippie.For me it looks very well  and I don`t like because it is only a nice concept, but because I`m sure that this concept would look pretty good in reality. The name of the collection suggests the most important feature of this furniture: the fact that all the furniture is intended to be made only of an uninterrupted line of wood, plywood or even metal – whatever the designer considers appropriate to use for making all the furniture in a room.

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In the pictures below you can see that this line begins with the computer support, then it goes on by being the desk you need in your room and then it goes down line a ribbon as book shelves. But it does not end here – it continues with the support for the printer , makes a nice contour as a cool chair , going up in a curved shape in big shelves for DVDs, books, files or even decorative objects. The margin of the furniture is yellow in order to emphasize the contour and uninterrupted line.