Single house in the middle of the nature

Here we have a different example of house situated in the middle of the nature. We usually see wooden constructions with plenty of natural materials, because nowadays people seem to choose ecological buildings to return at our origins, when human beings lived in forests and built their shelters with natural materials, stone and wood. Here, architect Josep Ferrando Bramona,  and collaborators Jordi Queralt and Marc Nadal built in Girona, Spain a house on a 400 square meters area, a place surrounded by nature, but made of modern building materials like concrete, glass and basalt.

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The construction does not respect the traditional patterns of living spaces which have a roof on the top of the floors, it has a different shape, with more open spaces positioned in opposite directions. The house is situated on a crest, so the owner  enjoys a beautiful landscape made of tree crowns and green spaces. On one side and another, the treetops are at the level of the veranda; the entwined branches, when are admired from the sitting area, act as a filter through which to contemplate the outdoors.

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The basalt-covered roof is the surprise element of this construction, because it is designed to have access to the top of the house only by walking on it. The entire house focuses more on the exterior, because the owners want to spend more time outside, where they can sit on the roof and admire the horizon, or relax on the sophisticate swimming pool. They  originally wanted a  simple shelter that would  interact with the surrounding nature.{found on archdaily and pics by Pedro Pegenaute}.