Single-Family Home Gets A Timeless Yet Unusual Makeover

When the clients approached architect Aleksandra Fedorova with this project, they made it clear that weren’t afraid to experiment. They wanted their home to be modern, bright, cozy and unusual. The architect is known for her passionate way of creating timeless designs with flexible adaptable characters so that the small accessories don’t influence the style.

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During the renovation, the architect tried to uncover as much of the space as possible. The only inconvenience was the kitchen which had a load-bearing wall which couldn’t be removed. So it remained a separate room instead of being integrated into the social area.

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The living and dining areas form the same space. They’re open and elegant, featuring a neutral and warm color palette based on browns and natural wood accents. The modular sectional sofa is complemented by an oversized floor lamp.

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The dining space is really sculptural. The table has a glass top and a chic base and the Pedrali Laja chairs introduce a cheerful vibe with their yellow accents. Above the dining table the architect placed a beautiful chandelier.

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In front of the sofa is the media wall and the fireplace. The shiny, reflective portion acts as a mirror, making the space seem larger.

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To make the home feel warm and inviting, the architect decided to cover some of the walls in leather and suede. Quite an unusual choice for walls but, as we said, the clients were wiling to experiment and wanted something unusual.

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In this open floor plan there was also room for a reading nook. It’s a really relaxing space with a series of shelves and a comfortable chair.

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Our favorite room of the house is the bedroom. It’s a bright and spacious room with an en-suite bathroom and a glass wall separating the two.

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But what’s even more beautiful is the fact that there’s a very fresh ambiance in here. Both the bedroom and the bathroom are decorated with numerous fresh plants meant to create a serene and soothing ambiance. It’s almost like being in a garden.

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A modern fireplace sits in between the bedroom and the bathroom and can be enjoyed from both sides, while relaxing in bed or while taking a bath.

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The bathroom is elegant and simple, with a zen-like décor. The freestanding tub sits on white pebbles, the shower has a glass enclosure and there’s accent lighting everywhere.

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In fact, there’s a lot of accent lighting all over the house, in the form of floor lamps, table lamps or built-in task lighting. It’s used to highlight the beautiful textures and materials such as the stone.

Aleksandra Fedorova bathroom design bathtubView in gallery

Aleksandra Fedorova bathroom design bathtubView in gallery

Aleksandra Fedorova bathroom design bathtubView in gallery